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Friday, 29 August 2008

Wrong Door Reviews...

-- which are pretty mixed so far, reflecting comment here and elsewhere on the net.

Broadcast reports that The Wrong Door attracted 546,000 (3.5%) at 10.30pm last night, the highest ever audience for the launch of a comedy on the channel. Reviews have been mixed, though:

"The show is hit and miss – Superhero Tryouts, an X Factor for wannabe superheroes, was laboured and directionless – but the writers Ben Wheatley and Jack Cheshire (who also direct and produce) have at least originated a novel and bizarre show."
- The Times (

"Congratulations to BBC3 for bagging Non-Terrestrial Channel of the Year at the Edinburgh Festival TV Awards. I was going to say it was hard to begrudge the spiritual home of Gavin & Stacey the odd gong but that was before I had to sit through The Wrong Door, the latest in a rapidly growing list of BBC3 comedy turkeys... fancy monsters and floaty fairies can't carry a show where eating dogs and peeing on people are substitutes for punchlines. Or am I missing something?"
- Metro (

"Dismayed screaming is also the sentient adult's only possible reaction to The Wrong Door, a new BBC3 comedy series whose USP is CGI, OK? Eh? ... The Wrong Door: show us the right one so we can all get outta here."
- The Herald "Please Close the Door behind You" (

"This ambitious new sketch show mixes CGI with live action but scores more misses than hits. Witness running gag The Most Annoying Creature On Earth, which itself is rather irritating."
- The Mirror (

"This inventive, exhilarating, rude and sometimes astonishing sketch show combines sharp writing and performing with sci-fi standard special effects to create a whole new breed of futuristic comedy... Funny and clever."
- Daily Record (

As I said earlier, I think I'll give it a couple of episodes...

Check out reaction from the Blogoshper via this Google search link


Anonymous said...

The Wrong Door is awful, dull, humourless drivel.
Whoever commissioned this and then allowed it on air should be shot.

Anonymous said... we go..there's a man, he goes upto a photocopier and OH MY GOD it turns into a car. That is HILARIOUS. No seriously THAT was the joke, it turns into a car. I am astonished at this latest lame offering. It make me SO angry to have to be patronised exchange for my licence fee. WHAT WERE THE COMMISSIONERS THINKING!!!???

Mojojo Jojo said...

Just plain awful.

The humour is so weak and laboured that it's kind of embarrassing to watch.

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